At inVesti, we believe setting up a 401(k) plan should be easy, affordable, and accessible to all businesses. We knock down the barriers (e.g., complexity, liability, and costs) that keep companies from setting up a 401(k) for their employees.

inVesti works with our clients to tailor a plan to meet all the clients' needs, and we do that at some of the lowest rates in the industry. In addition to a diversified investment menu, participants have access to many professionally managed asset allocation portfolios. These models cover a wide range of different risk/reward characteristics allowing each participant to get the most out of the plan, regardless of account size. Participants have the option of selecting investment funds themselves or with the help of an advisor.

We have unlimited access to over 26,000+ funds and fund families, including the most popular mutual funds and ETFs available on the market today. We handle the paperwork, so you can spend more time running your business.

Here are some of the ways we simplify the requirements for a plan sponsor:

  • Creating and maintaining a plan document
  • Naming a Trustee for the plan
  • Helping you acquire a Surety Bond
  • Providing a Summary Plan Description for employees
  • Maintaining Beneficiary Forms
  • Provide Education Materials
  • Monitoring Eligibility of employees to enter plan
  • Salary Deferral Options Submitted
  • Safe Harbor Notice if applicable
  • Maintaining Participant accounts (Record Keeping)
  • Participant Statements
  • Contributions maintained within IRS limits
  • Compliance Testing (i.e. ADP, Top Heavy, 410b)
  • Participant Loans
  • Hardships Distributions
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Rollovers
  • Issuing 1099's for distributions
  • Filing Government Form 5500