Financial Advisor Solutions

At inVesti, we built our platform with one core idea in mind for our Financial Advisor you a tech-stack that allows you to grow your practice. Our software offers an easy onboarding experience for your clients along with intuitive, easy-to-use administrative functions (for you and your clients) to help you manage your customer base. This allows you to focus on your business, not technology.

InVesti is not your traditional record keeping partner. We offer:

  • All digital plan set up
  • An Easy-to-use Advisor dashboard (web and mobile)
  • Accessible Account and Participant data
  • Assistance with building PEP Plans
  • Forward facing API for payroll integrations
  • Open architecture and fixed investment models
  • Forward facing API for payroll integrations
  • A selection of MEP/PEP 401(k)s, IRAs, and HSA plans (Bundles Available)
  • Encrypted Tunneling for ACH Money Movement
  • Employee and Payroll Upload Services
  • Record Keeping and TPA Services
  • Turn-key or customized investment plans
  • Compliance testing and reporting

Additionally, we offer a white label service with no set up cost. Our white label service includes:

  • Web interface setup with domain (DNS) pointing service
  • SSL/Encryption Methods
  • Client onboarding functions with desktop and mobile verification
  • Terms and Conditions / EULA Agreements
  • Group IDs and recipient management
  • Back-end dashboard to help you manage your customer accounts

Plan designs are available with full or fractional fiduciary oversight. Our solution was built for you to easily manage and to scale your business with peace of mind, knowing that we support you with technology and experience.